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The Risk of Remaining a Bud

Is there a place in your life where you haven't blossomed yet? Where you feel a sense of potential that you haven't had a chance to tap into? What"s getting in the way?

Any number of things can feel insurmountable. While there are true practical barriers that can inhibit growth, it is often self limiting beliefs that play the biggest role in keeping people stuck. For so many, the primary barrier to moving forward is the story they tell themselves about why they can't. Behind that story is often fear of the process of blooming-- the work, the change, the unknown.

I am not here to say that the process of blooming is painless. There will be work. There will be change. The future is unknown. But watch a flower unfold and you will know it is the natural way of things. Each petal slowly releasing and unfurling, all coming together to present a full flower that provides beauty and life to its environment, And though that process might be uncomfortable and tedious at times, it is so much better than the alternative of staying forever a bud, never sharing its gifts with the world.

As a therapist, I can help support you through the sometimes scary process of change. Together we can identify self limiting beliefs that are holding your back and challenge those beliefs so that you are empowered to move forward. And when it's uncomfortable, I can help you through that part, too.

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