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Sarah Strong, LCSW

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, UESCA certified ultrarunning coach and mom based in the Colorado Front Range.   Whether I'm walking alongside you on the trail or working with you via telehealth,  I bring my authentic, curious and warm presence to every session.  

As a therapist, my integrative approach focuses on mind/body connection using mindfulness and somatic based practices. My outdoor session involve movement and include components of nature therapy. I believe that good treatment involves working with both the mind and the body.

Through walk and talk sessions or virtual therapy, I help individuals cultivate self awareness, self belief and self acceptance by reconnecting them to themselves and the natural world around them.  

Education and Experience

Licensed Social Worker


Licenses # CSW.09925043


Master of Social Work

Washington University in St Louis



Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Endurance and Running Coach

Microcosm Coaching

UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification 2023


Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Panama 2010-2012

Fireweed Counseling

Fireweeds are the first plants to blossom after a fire or other catastrophic event.


They remind me of so many incredible clients I have had the opportunity to watch blossom throughout my career. Whether I encountered them soon after their 'fire' or when they were just needing a little support to continue blooming, I have witnessed time and time again the power in people- their resilience, their ability to transform, and what happens when they embrace their beauty.  

I would be honored to be a part of your journey. To bear witness to your growth and to help provide the support, skills and security to get you wherever it is you want to go.

Image by Tanya Kusova
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