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Trail Therapy

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings, Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.- John Muir

Trail Therapy: Services

Trail Therapy is a mindfulness based approach to the typical outpatient session. We will conduct the session while sitting, walking, or running and experiencing the natural world.  Many active Coloradans already process their thoughts while engaging in exercise. We are just bringing that same skill to therapy. ​

Sessions are available in 50 or 90 minutes and we can work together to find a convenient location in the Front Range at an Open Space or public park.  If you want to bring your dog we can choose a dog friendly trail. 

You will set the pace-- we can sit on a bench, walk or even run! We just need to make sure we can still hold a conversation.  You should wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for you. With Colorado weather being a little unpredictable, we may have to reschedule or change to virtual sessions if weather is very bad or you are not comfortable with the conditions. 

We can combine teletherapy and trail sessions, so giving Trail Therapy a try doesn't mean you have to commit to it exclusively.  You are in charge of your own treatment and we can always have a conversation about what works best for you.

Why Trail Therapy?


-Multiple forms of self care at once: movement, time in nature/outdoors, therapy. You can fit in time to take care of yourself and check 3 boxes at once!

- Many clients feel more comfortable talking when they are walking alongside someone than when the listener is looking directly at them.

-Our bodies often seek movement when feeling dysregulated or processing big emotions. Trail Therapy has movement naturally built into the session.

- Rhythmic movement such as walking and hiking support facilitate mind/body integration and calming of the nervous system.

-Both being outdoors and walking are associated with reduced stress, improved mood, and decreased anxiety. 

-Walking increases circulation and  blood flow and boosts energy.

-Nature provides many lessons during sessions. It doesn’t take as much effort to be attentive and present in our beautiful Open Spaces.

-We spend so much time inside and we live in a beautiful place– you deserve all the trail time you can get!

Image by K8
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