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Common Questions


What are your fees?

Telehealth, Walk&Talk and Parent Coaching sessions are $135/session and sessions are 50 minutes long. 

I offer a sliding fee scale. Please contact me for a consultation and we can explore financial options. While I value my education and experience I am also

mindful of the many barriers to accessing services and am open to a conversation and determining a financial plan together.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes! Reach out. Let's chat. If you are committed to regular therapy and finances are the only thing holding you back, we can work together to come up with a plan.

How long does each therapy session take? How long will I be in therapy?

Sessions are 50 minutes long and we will decide together how often we will meet. You will determine your pace in therapy.

It is impossible to answer how long an individual will want to be in therapy to see benefits. During our consultation we can talk more in depth about a realistic timeline depending on goals and we will have a constant conversation about how to best make sure that therapy is serving you.

Can you prescribe medication?

As a LCSW, I am not authorized to prescribe medication.  I am happy to communicate with your health care provider or make referrals to prescribing doctors for those who may benefit from medication. Remember that, depending on diagnosis, medication can be a terrific help at alleviating symptoms, but are best taken in conjunction with therapy to help treat root causes.

What are your hours and availability?

My hours are T-F 9-5 with night appointments available Mondays and Tuesdays as scheduled.

Do you take insurance?

Not at this time. I can provide a Superbill with an appropriate coding number. See the Rates & Insurance page for more information. 

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