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Fireweed Book Club

As we head into the new year and you are considering ways to build in self care and time for yourself, consider joining the Fireweed Book Club! This free club will meet monthly (or as often as you are able to,!) and is open to anyone, anywhere!

And while it will be facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, this book club is NOT therapy. It's a place where we can connect with others, share ideas, grow from texts, and gain awareness. Each month I will select a book that has it's roots in themes around growth, struggle, identity, and change.

For January 2021, the book is Wintering by Katherine May. This beautiful book reminds us of the importance of rest and the power of caring for ourselves during life's difficult moments. A reminder that there is growth and power in our hardest seasons, especially when we can embrace them. Check out these reviews to learn more.

Please don't forget to support your local book store or library when picking up this month's selection!

We will meet on January 28th at 7:30 MST. Register here and I will send you the link before the meeting.

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