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A two part series on Mindfulness for Runners.


Module 1: Base Building covers the What, Why, and How of Mindfulness. WHAT is mindfulness? WHY according to science, should we add it to our lives? And HOW can we begin to do just that? (about 45 minutes)


Module 2, Endurance and Specificity, provides the foundation for adding a regular mindfulness meditation, teaches how to respond to challenging emotions and connects mindfulness to running by giving strategies for adding it to your runs and using it to manage the complicated thoughts and emotions surrounding running. There are strategies for managing mid-run freak-outs and post-race blues. (about 50 minutes). 


Slide notes included.  Clickable links in presentation lead to additional resources, further reading, a habit tracker, gratitude journal prompts, and links to a variety of meditations and breathing practices for extended study. 

Mindfulness For Runners

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