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"Whether you think you can or you think you can't- you're right."- Henry Ford

If your mind feels like an obstacle in helping you achieve your racing dreams, I am here for you.  I bring my experience as a running coach, 100 mile runner, and mental health expert, to help you cultivate self-belief, overcome worry and manage the difficult moments of training and racing. 

Tying Shoelaces


3 Individual 50 minute sessions (virtual or on trail)*

Exploration of fears/worries/hangups/demons related to running, racing and competing

Individualized mental race strategy

Personalized strategies for race week and race day

Post race processing and recovery planning



*trail option in limited locations only

Image by Tanya Kusova


2 50 minute individual sessions in person or on trail

Option A) One race prep session ahead of the event and one race processing session following the event

Option B) Two race prep sessions ahead of the event

Race Prep Sessions focus on exploring fears and obstacles while identifying individual strategies for your event. 

Race Processing Sessions focus on processing the event, identifying growth areas, celebrating strengths, and  developing a recovery plan. 



Image by Tanya Kusova
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